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Chinese Abraham Investment Advisors LLC (CAIA) is an independent Fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) originally established in New York in 2004. In 2007 we relocated and established our principal office in the San Francisco Bay Area of California to extend our services to more Asian communities. We are the only RIA in the Bay Area which has Performance-based management fee schedule. In this way, our economic incentives are aligned with the interests of our clients, and we are able to recommend and employ investment strategies that are in our clients' best interests. Currently we still serve clients of multiple states including New York, New Jersey & California.

We provide customized investment advisory and asset management services. We specialize in personal retirement investment management in particular 401(K), 403(B) and IRAs. For details of our service, please click here.

For any inquiry, please contact us.

華信投資顧問是一家獨立「純管理費」(Fee-Only) 的「註冊投資顧問」,最初於 2004年在紐約創立,07年我們將總部搬遷到加州舊金山灣區, 把業務擴展至北加州,以服務更多華人社區的投資需要為宗旨。華信投資顧問更是灣區唯一按管理成效來收費的(不獲利,不收費),這樣,在推薦投資策略時,華信投資顧問的利益與客戶是一致的。目前我們仍為紐約、新澤西和加州等多個州的客戶提供服務。

我們提供量身定做的投資規劃和資產管理服務,我們專長於個人退休資產管理,如401(K), 403(B) 和IRAs。要了解詳情,請點擊這裡