We are not stock brokers or insurance agents. We do not sell products e.g. annuities, variable life insurance.


We are a fee-based only advisor offering investment advisory services that encompass a wide range of investment objectives, from conservative to aggressive. This gives the client and us to design a custom program and asset allocation that meets the client's specific needs.

Our management fees are based solely on a percentage of total assets under our management (Asset-based) or based on the performance of the assets (Performance-based, 不獲利,不收費).

In this way, our economic incentives are aligned with the interests of our clients, and we are able to recommend and employ investment strategies that are in our clients' best interests.

How to Get Started with CAIA
  • complimentary consultation
  • Nothing is sold, just bring your latest documents (e.g. account statements)
  • Above the line thinking… - After we understand your vision, values and goals, we can talk about strategies, tactics and products.
  • Not necessarily to transfer current accounts
  • Sign "Management Agreement" with CAIA
  • Add CAIA as "Trading Authorization" third-party
  • Accounts still under your name and control